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By Sierra Homer

Dry January Survival Kit

With Dry January just around the corner, we wanted to give you our tips and curated survival kit to help you crush it!



  1. Be prepared. Most people don’t complete Dry January because they’re not stocked up with amazing drink alternatives to get them through the month. Be sure to have plenty of drinks at home and ones that you can take on the go so you’re always equipped with a delicious non-alc alternative. 
  2. Get your friends to join. It can be so hard to be the only one giving up alcohol for the month of January especially in social settings. So, get a group of your friends and do the Dry January challenge together!
  3. Plan fun non-alc events. If your typical weekends involve meeting friends in drinking situations, it can be really tempting to grab a drink. So during January, plan events that don’t center around drinking like seeing a new museum exhibit or host a game night at your place where you can provide a variety of non-alc options.

Staff Must-Haves: 

We asked our staff and here is our collections of must-haves to crush Dry January.
  • Cann’s Roadies: If you’re on the go and meeting friends at a bar, make sure you don’t leave the house without a roadie. Once you get to the bar, order a sparkling water and pour one of these in for a delicious beverage with a great buzz!  Try our favorite - Blood Orange Cardamom
  • Wunder Gummies: Whether you’re at home or on the go, we love having a good hemp thc gummy at the ready. Wunder makes 4 amazing flavors of thc gummies that allow you to unwind without alcohol  Get started with a pack of strawberry gummies.
  • L.L. Bean Insulated Tote: Heading to a friend’s party for the evening? There’s no guarantee they will be stocked with good non-alc options so make sure you come prepared with your own supply. No way better to bring them than ice cold in this amazing insulated tote from LL Bean.   Grab it on sale while it lasts!
  • Brumate: Okay so you arrived at a party, it’s packed and hot. Your friend is out of ice and you don’t want your drink to get warm. Good thing you brought your Brumate can coozie that will keep things ice cold all night. This is one of our staff favorites and perfect for drinking THC bevvies discreetly (especially when you don’t want to explain to grandma). The color options are endless, grab one for every occasion.
  • Fun bar game: Not drinking at a bar becomes much easier when there’s other things to do. We love posting up with a good game to play with friends and one of our favorites is The Crew - a game that has everyone working together to solve a mission. Order now for endless fun.