Our Story




Flyers was born from a thirst to relish life without compromise - inspired by wanderlust thrill seekers, for those who desire the best. 

During the start  of Covid climate, we drank often. Our mother’s would say, too often. 

Tired of sacrificing days and mental wellbeing to dreaded hangovers, we took matters into our own hands (and mouths) to seek a better choice. 

A choice beyond the ties of alcohol - one that has lower calories, has more natural ingredients, still gives a sense of buzz while being crafted by world-class mixologists and, is completely hangover-proof.

We’ve crafted Flyers to give the people what they want - a good time without any compromise.  We’re not saying alcohol is dead, we’re saying consumer choice is more alive than ever. 

Stay Fly 

Lewie and Damon - The Flyers Founders