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By Miles

6 things to do in NYC or LA while sipping Flyers' Hemp-derived THC cocktails


  1. Visit Central Park, enjoy a picnic with friends, avoid any ravenous rats, seagulls and/or Mets Fans, take a bike ride around the park and perhaps share one of your Flyers with the good folk at NYC Parks and Recreation.
  2. Take a stroll around Times Square,  enjoy the bright lights and energy of the city and then… try to make it to Junior’s Cheesecake without being pick-pocketed!
  3. Ok, this is really our vibe. Visit the Metropolitan Museum of Art to explore its vast collection of art and artefacts and watch art students draw nudes in the Greek wing. 
  4. Enjoy a comedy show at one of the many comedy clubs in the city, such as the Comedy Cellar, sit up front and be the punchline of the comedian’s joke. Don’t worry, that Flyers you’ve had will really heighten your mood and any jokes, even at your expense, will be knee-slappers!
  5. Wait for Sunset, and take a scenic walk across the Brooklyn Bridge with around 17% of all of New York - you’ll enjoy the beautiful views of the city skyline while fending off selfie sticks. Hot tip, go in the early morning to enjoy the same view but with less selfie sticks.


  1. Hot take… just don’t bother going - we’ve clearly got it all here in NYC!