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By Santo Jacobsson

THC 101

How Long Do derived THC Cocktails Take to Kick In?

Your Flyers Hemp-Derived cocktails can take 3 to 45 minutes to kick in. This is because the THC bypasses your digestive system and fast tracks its way directly to your body’s central nervous system. We believe this is the most effective way for you to take THC. It will also give you enough time to finish that ultimate Kenny Rogers megamix playlist for your Grandpa’s 85th birthday.

How Long Do THC Edibles Typically Take to Kick In? 

THC edibles typically take 30 to 90 minutes to kick in. This delay is caused by the THC taking the scenic route through your digestive system first before making its way into your body’s central nervous system. We know your time is precious so your Flyers THC cocktails won’t keep you hanging.

What Are the Effects of THC Cocktails?

The effects of Flyers THC cocktails should make you feel buzzed but not boozed. Your Flyers THC cocktails can also help boost mindfulness and your sense of wellbeing. This can include helping you with pain management, enhancing your immunity, improving your stress responses, and assisting you with better sleep.  


What Are the Physical Factors That Affect THC Absorption? 

Physical factors that affect THC absorption include your diet, how fast your metabolism is, gender, weight and your general tolerance to THC. ​​These will all influence how THC affects you and other people differently, so don’t feel bummed if your triathlete mates find their buzz before you do.


How Long Do The Effects of THC Cocktails Last? 

The effects of your Flyers TBC cocktails should last around 60 minutes to several hours. Everyone is wonderfully unique so we recommend that you drink in moderation and see how your mind and body feels after each Flyers cocktail.